What Is Backpacking

what is backpacking

In a simple meaning, backpacking is an independent, low-budget, usually international way of traveling. The person who backpacks is known as a backpacker. Generally, a backpacker travels for longer periods of time than the other tourists. 


They may travel in several countries and the number of countries differs. Though the definition for what is backpacking is a loose definition, backpackers sleep in tents and beaches, tramp in forests, and hitch-hike their way around the world. There are two different types of travelers who want to be called as backpackers.

However, you can call the following three genres as backpackers, they are:

  • ​Ultra-light backpacking;
  • Backpacking RTW travel;
  • Flash-packing;

Ultra-Light Backpacking

Ultra-light backpacking is a very popular term today. Industry puts lots of efforts to make things ultra-light. Here, the backpacks are ultra light like a feather.

You can squash down the sleeping bags to the size of your palm. However, if you really want to go ultra, a sleeping bag liner should be selected. In fact, almost all backpackers search for such a wonderful thing for making the travel extra light. This is highly helpful for releasing some weight from your backpack.

The ultra light backpackers go everywhere. They count every ounce and cut their toothbrushes in half to reduce weight. If you are planning for the first time, you will not understand why people want to travel in such a way.

However, after more than 6 months of travel, you will surely realize that your back is hurting. Then, you will start considering this style of backpacking. You will also start using smaller packs to make it ultra light. You will also start purchasing quick drying towels, lightweight clothes, etc.


Flashpacking is a new method of backpacking. In general terms, it is the process of traveling more expensively and with higher living standards.

Some people explain that it is the process of traveling with lots of tech gears like a laptop, iPods, etc. but, these types of traveling is very common these days because almost all people carry a mp3 player with them.

Laptops are not so expensive too. Thus, the concept of flash-packing is traveling with all the latest stuff. Thus, the travelers spend their money for partying, drinking, and staying in nice places.

Changes of Backpacking

The term backpacking has been undergone many changes for the last decade. Though it is around always, the things have become easier than before. Backpackers get cheaper flight tickets, communication is better and in many places, traveling is also safe.

You need not carry boring items while traveling such as plane tickets. Hundreds of organizations are available over the world for helping you with these types of stuff. You can also engage in a wide range of outdoor activities like bicycling.

Backpacking RTW Travel

This is a common backpacking term. It means traveling on a budget for longer distances. Backpackers usually travel many different countries and normal time than normal holiday travelers. Usually, these backpackers explore different cultures, quite diverse, and travel both in cities as well as on countryside.

Backpacking provides you incredible freedom. It allows you to see something new every day. Backpacking trips are very long. Most family trips are limited to one or two weeks. But, backpacking trips may last for months or even years.

Backpacking is the desire to travel cheaper and slower.

As mentioned earlier, the objective of a backpacker is traveling cheaper. So, they save lots of money on accommodations. You should be aware of what is backpacking, which is essential for avoiding blunders in these types of journeys even for holiday sports.

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