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TFal E918SH Reviews

The quality of cookware has a greater role in determining the health of a person. Today, most people are afraid of using non-stick cookware because of the fear of ripping off the nonstick coating, which will lead to some serious health problems. Thermo-spot technology is an exclusive feature of T-Fal cookware set. Once you start using this cookware set, you will understand the benefits of this technology completely. These T-Fal E918SH Reviews will surely help you to invest your money wisely.


T-Fal started manufacturing nonstick frying pan and cookware since 1954.The venture was really successful, and the products of this company conquer the minds of people because of various amazing features including easy cleaning. Today, the company enjoys the top position and it is one of the best in nonstick cookware industry around the world.

T-Fal E918SH cookware set Contains:

  • Fry pan (10.25-inch);
  • Fry pan (8-inch);
  • Square griddle (10.25-inch);
  • Fry pan with cover (11.5-inch);
  • Sauce Pan with lid (one quart);
  • Saucepan with lid (2-quart);
  • Saucepan with lid (3-quart);
  • Deep sauté (3.5-quart);
  • Steamer insert with 2 side handles (3quart);
  • Dutch oven with cover (5-quart);
  • A 1-egg wonder;

Special Features Of T-Fal E918SH

  • Ultimate hard-anodized nonstick cookware;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Oven safe;
  • Thermo-spot technology;
  • Metal utensil safe;
  • Hard anodized aluminium construction;
  • Highly durable;
  • TechnoResist anti-warp base;
  • Riveted silicone handle;
  • Longest-lasting performance;
  • Lifetime limited warranty;

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Reasons for Buying T-Fal E918SH

  • High-quality Material

Hard-anodized aluminium is used for manufacturing this cookware. As you know, aluminium is a good heat conductor, which heats very quickly.

As it is made of aluminium, it is long lasting too. The pots and pans of T-Fal can withstand more than average stainless steel cookware. TechnoResist Anti-Warp base provides you scratch and heating protection bottom. It is really difficult for you to find such a high-quality cookware set at this price range.

  • ​Safe Silicon Handles

​The handles of this cookware are good looking and long lasting. You can clean it very easily. It also offers very comfortable grip. As they are constructed with silicon, they will not transfer heat. The base of each and every piece of cookware is manufactured to be anti-warped.

In a simple meaning, this cookware can withstand very high temperature without warping or distorting the metal. As a result, you can ensure thorough cooking because the heat is delivered evenly, which eliminates hotspots.

  • ​Perfectly Nonstick

​These pans are 100 percent nonstick. Thus, you can make very healthy meals without using fattening, heavy sprays or oils. The nonstick coating and hard-anodized nonstick cookware set are absolutely free from chemicals.

These are designed for distributing heat evenly and fast. The hard anodized build-up is helpful for preventing sticking and hot spots. You need not use extra oil or fat while preparing foods in these nonstick products. The company does not recommend using an aerosol cooking spray, which reduces the life of the nonstick coating.

  • ​Anti-Warp Base/Thermo-spot Technology

​You will simply spoil your meal if you start cooking before the pan is not hot enough. However, this cookware comes with Thermo-spot technology. Thus, you will get exact information regarding when to start cooking.

​Anti-warp base allows even heat distribution soon after the pan has heated up. The heats distribute evenly throughout the cooking process. This pan never warps, so it can withstand high heat for long duration and multiple rounds.

  • ​Dishwasher Safe

​You need not spend a long time for cleaning T-Fal Ultimate cookware because they are dishwasher safe. These pans can withstand multiple dishwasher cycles. Thus, they can resist scratch or scrape every single time.

The nonstick coating will be in place even after multiple piles of washing. A strong, durable anodized metal is the major feature of the outside of this cookware. Thus, it is really long lasting. Thus, you can place the entire set in a dishwasher every day, which will not damage the appearance or usability of this metal.

It has a pristine construction, which is helpful for placing it into the oven. Thus, you can save cooking time considerably. You can also avoid the transfer of food into a different pot, which is also helpful for saving on washing up.

  • ​User-Friendly

​If you handle heavy duty cookware sets previously, you can easily understand that they are not so handy. Cast iron cookware is very heavy. However, this cookware is handy and very lightweight. The handles of this cookware are made of riveted silicone, thus they offer a comfortable grip. This cookware set is also oven safe up to 400F. You can also clean them very easily.

  • ​Glass Tempered Lids

​The lids of all pans come with glass tempered lids, which fits perfectly onto the corresponding pans. When you cook food in these pans, the lid helps to seal in moisture.

Thus, this is highly beneficial for speeding up the cooking process. The lids of made of glass, so you can see the progress of cooking during the cooking process. A large looped handle is the other feature of each lid. Thus, you can avoid touching the hot lid with your hand.

Things We Liked:

  • This cookware set is ideal for both occasional and regular use;
  • Very useful heat indicator;
  • Long-lasting;
  • 100 percent nonstick;
  • Metal utensil safe;
  • Available in various different designs, shape, and size;
  • Non-reactive and non-porous cooking surface, which is helpful for preventing cooking from lick-age or discolouring;
  • Aluminium core is used for constructing this cookware, which is a good heat conductor;
  • Helps early cooking;
  • Tight-fit lid;
  • Stay cool handles;
  • Strong hard anodized surface, which is helpful for protecting utensils from breakage;

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Not recommended for induction stove;
  • Extra storage space is needed;
  • Skillets do not have lids;

Frequently Asked Questions About T-Fal E918SH

  • Q: Is this Cookware induction safe?

A: No, this cookware is not ideal for induction cook-top. Aluminium is used for manufacturing this cookware set. Induction cook-top requires cast iron or stainless steel cookware.

  • Q: Is it suitable for ceramic cook-top?

A: yes, it is suitable for a ceramic stove.

  • Q: Are both pots and pans of T-Fal made of Thermo-spot technology?

A: no, Thermo-spot technology is applied only on the construction of pans.

  • Q: Where is the manufacturing facility of this cookware?

A: T-Fal is a French company, but the manufacturing facility of this company is situated in China. T-Fal has a distribution centre in NJ.

Guidelines for Using this Cookware

  • You should not use non-sticky spray on the surface of this cookware because it will damage the surface of this cookware;
  • It is very easy to clean this cookware. Thus, do not take a risk by cleaning this cookware with dishwasher. The surface of this cookware set is non-sticky. Thus, you can clean this cookware with your hand only in a few seconds;
  • While cooking, it is always better to use low to moderate temperature. The lifetime of this cookware will be decreased if you use high temperature. Therefore, you should be very careful while preparing food in it;

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Final Decisions:

T-Fal is very popular for the production of highly affordable, yet high-quality cookware set. Compared to the cookware set of other brands, the products of this company are really affordable. Hard anodized means this cookware set uses electronically-hardened aluminium, so the surface of this product is extremely hard.

Generally, the hard-anodized nonstick cookware is heavier than basic ones. T-Fal E918SH cookware set is very safe and perfect for any kitchen.

It is ideal for both single chefs and busy families. This cookware set is flexible, durable, and all-around quality. Thus, you can also gift it for college students and families alike. You can select this cookware set without any doubt.

It offers you high-performance. Besides, this cookware set is really affordable and durable. You will get the best value for your money if you purchase this cookware set.

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