SOG Ninja Daypack Review

SOG Ninja Daypack Review

Do you travel a lot? Then you will need a daypack to go outside easily for any outdoor activity. With this daypack, you can go for hiking and camp easily with grace. There are different kinds of daypacks but SOG ninja daypack is the best backpack to use. This backpack is special because it is full of features that make outdoor time exciting without any stress.

As for knowing all the information about this awesome daypack, then you have to go through this SOG ninja daypack review. You will be up-to-date and will enjoy your holiday trip with ease. You will get a stylish, reasonable and functional backpack if you own this backpack.


SOG ninja daypack buying guide:

If you love to go hiking, climbing, and trekking then you have to own this unique polyester made a backpack. You can put your all-important belongings safely and secured because the bag has enough space and the quality is strong and long-lasting. You will find many pockets in this bag.

The bag has pouches that are soft and lined; this keeps your device and sunglass safe and sound.

There is molle to make the bag customized. There are loop and flag patch that makes the bag compatible. This bag has padded mesh and the shoulder strap is yoked style. There is sternum slider that keeps the bag to stay close to your body tight and makes your outdoor activity challenging.​

How you will you consider that you will have to look while selecting the high in quality ninja daypack? You will have to check the below features:

  • Long lasting:

The first priority of a backpack is durability. As you will carry this bag on your back than it has to give full-time support till you are out. The zipper of the bag is strong and good in quality. They will keep your belonging secure and safe. This bag has buckles are made of plastic that makes it sturdy. The fabric of the bag comes in good quality.

  • Strong material:

The bag has to be strong in a material. The specialty of the SOG ninja daypack is the bag comes with polyester that makes the backpack strong and high in quality.

  • Water resistant:

The bag is polyester made and water resistant. So you can stay in the rain without any thought of damaging your valuable things in the bag.

  • Design quality:

It is obvious that we all love to take a stylish back in the back while going out. You have to pick the ninja backpack with high quality with stylish design. Don’t think that stylish design means that it is expensive. the best design is it has molle system that makes the design customized.

The front space of the bag has the zipper that is strong in quality and makes the bag secured. Pick the bag with a Velcro patch that can help you to customize your bag.

  • Hydration pocket:

The pocket of the bag is hydrating and the compartments are multiple in number. These pockets are mainly used to carry water pots. There are pouch pockets that are soft lined, this is mainly used for keeping device and sunglasses safely.

  • Comfortable:

You have to take a bag that let you carry the bag with comfort or else you cannot use the bag easily. So pick the bag that has mesh pad and the straps also cushioned and has sternum slider that is adjustable comfortable. Why use the mesh? The mesh makes the daypack useable and breathable. So you can use the bag for a long time as you can.


  • The material is polyester made.
  • You will find the room of the bag space with the large zipper.
  • There are multiple pockets that are hydration pocket with hose port and side pouch. This pocket for carrying a water bottle.
  • You will find molle in the bag and the patch has loop and hook.
  • The shoulder strap is yoked style; the slider is sternum made and adjustable. The back of the bag is padded mesh.

Things We Liked:

  • The pockets have lots of space;
  • You can make the bag customized with pouch and molle hook system;
  • The patches especially the front Velcro helps to customize the patch;
  • You will find the bag back cushioned and comfortable;
  • The zippers are strong and the polyester is long lasting and high quality;
  • Don’t worry when the rain starts as it is water resistant;

Things We Didn't Like:

  • The size of the bag is little big;
  • The patch gives the bag a silly look;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

​Q: If anyone can use both short and long hydration reservoirs?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Do you hear any noise while carrying it?
A: No, you will not hear any noise. The zipper is strong and coated. So it will not make any noise.

Q: Will find any colors of this bag?
A: It comes from SOG ninja daypack coyote, SOG ninja backpack olive drab green, SOG ninja daypack grey.

Final Decisions:

For travelers, a sturdy and long lasting daypack is very much required. Because you have to carry many things while traveling. So to keep the things safe and secured, you have to pick the best daypack. So to own a high in a quality backpack with reasonable price, SOG ninja daypack is the best option.

This backpack is not only for traveling, you can use this bag for daily use. The best thing about this bag is there are pocket and space to keep your thing well and secured. If you are still confused about this SOG ninja daypack, then please read this SOG ninja daypack review.

You will know every ins and outs of reading this review and it is a guarantee. If you are a traveler or have the job in outdoor area than you can pick this awesome bag for use. You will be comfortable and will enjoy the user-friendly features of this bag. So grab the bag for any use and go wherever you want to go.​

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