Seibertron Falcon Backpack

Seibertron Falcon Backpack

Love to wander in the woods or hiking? Then you know how important it is to have a tactical backpack that will help you to carry your necessary things when you are out there in the wood. We all tend to take a random backpack to use but in the long run, we find it not good for any purpose and we blame the manufacturers.

But the main fault is our, we don’t pay heed to get the best backpack. The bag looks good when we buy it but the weather and environment make the material fragile.

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So when you are going to use a backpack for any outdoor activities than you have to pick the rough and tough tactical backpack. The tactical backpack is mainly used by the soldiers. So it is wise to use this kind of a backpack for use in the camping or hiking.

Here in this article, you will know about the seibertron falcon backpack review. This review will help you to get the sturdiest and long lasting backpack in the town. So what are we waiting for, lets dive in the article and learn about this mil-tec backpack.

What to consider buying seibertron tactical backpack

When you are wanting a backpack to use, you will have to know the reason for using the backpack. Using means whether for military activities or outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, fishing, and hiking.

After confirming the using purpose let’s check out the features that are must-have in the tactical backpack. When you have decided to get one backpack then look for the below-mentioned features:

  • Belts:

A backpack really needs to have cushioned back and strap to make your carry easy even it is fully packed. Your shoulder will not hurt and you will be comfortable for the cushioned straps. Also look for a sternum strap that keeps your bag in the right place of your back. The compression strap is the better option for the backpack if you have to load many things in the back.

  • Waterproof:

If you find a backpack with waterproof feature and it is the little bit pricey than don’t look at the price, just take the bag. Your all necessary things in the bag will be safe in this bag. You will also get some bag that has drainage holes that helps to get out the water easily.

  • Water Pockets:

Water Pockets:A bag with water pockets should be on the top list. Some bag has a pocket with straw where you can put water and some have water bottle holder.

  • Sections:

If your bag has separate compartments than it will be easy to keep things like a laptop, sunglass etc. You can also store valuable things in the compartments.

  • Fast Access:

As the backpacks are mainly used in the outdoor activities so it has to help you to get your things easier when you are in a big emergency without any trouble.

  • Holes:

In some bag, you will see different kinds of holes. These are mainly used for drinking tube and antennas that will help you to get your radio and water in time.

  • Material:

Almost all the backpacks are made from polyester and nylon. Nylon bags are the strongest ones as it can’t get eared easily and get scratches a little. It gets dry fast and flexible. On the other hand, polyester is not strong but absorbs waterless.

  • Size:

Size of the bag depends on the space you need. Large bags have lots of space but it will be heavy to carry. So size can be chosen on the base of personal preference.

  • Style

There are many kinds of stylish bags to use. Choose the style you want to use. But look at the long-lasting features than style.

Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack:

If you want a backpack with storage capacity than you have to pick Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack. You can carry anything you want with this backpack. You can also use it as the eyourlife military tactical backpack easily.

This backpack has 4 sections. The main one has mesh pockets that are internal and there you can put 14- inch laptop. The rest of the bag section contains pouches that are internal and zippered. You can keep your small things inside them. The pouches with long zipper help to open the bag flat and other pouches are in front of the bag. This bag is full of spaces and a perfect backpack for any outdoor activities.​


  • This backpack is waterproof but the zipper is not;
  • The design is Molle;This bag has 4 compartments. Two is large and the other two is small;
  • There are cushioned straps in this backpack;

Things We Liked:

  • The nylon fabric is good in quality;
  • Water resistant;
  • The straps are adjustable;

Things We Didn't Like:

  • No selected hydration pouch;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question_01: Is this backpack has the same features like Ogio clutch backpack?

Answer: yes, it is. Both backpacks have same benefits and features.

Question_02: Are the shoulder straps are connected?

Answer: Yes they are connected to the metal D ring.

Final Decisions:

If you want the tactical backpack that will help you to explore in the woods with ease and comfort by carrying tons of weights in the back than you have to use seibertron falcon backpack. This backpack is more than you can ask for. This bag is full of space and 4 useful compartments that help you to carry any items you need out there.

If you are new with backpacks than make sure to go through a seibertron motorbike backpack review. It will help you to take the decision to get the best one. You can also take advice from an experienced hiker who often goes in hiking or camping.

Once you have done with picking and packing then just go out there and enjoy the beauty of nature and the woods. This will help you to get out from the hectic lifestyle for some days. It is really worth it. Enjoy the time.​

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