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5 Men’s Casual Fashion Tips

men's casual fashion tips

Within the first 10 seconds of meeting you, most people will make snap assessments based on your facial expressions, body language, and most importantly, the manner in which you are dressed.

You are a Brand, and your appearance is one of your most marketable assets. From your career, friends, to the quality of women you date, are often the result of your personal style.

The truth is a many of us truly want to improve our style but don't know where to begin. Luckily, a list of a few men's casual fashion tips has been detailed below.



As humans, we associate smell with everything i.e childhood memories.Your signature scent should be the hallmark of your personality.

If you are bold, aim for something that projects, and captures your masculine nature, if you're artful and subtle, aim for a signature scent that blends of your vibrant, yet quirky nature.

mens casual fashion


Your signature scent might be just that one daily fragrance that is seasonally versatile and embodies your personality perfectly, or 4 fragrances for all four seasons, marking a renewed version of yourself with each change of season.


The strangest secret most men looking to improve their style are oblivious to is the 3-way leather combination. When dressing up, there is an unwritten rule that states that the color of your leather shoes, and the leather of your wristwatch, be a direct match.

mens fashion


This rule can also be taken a step further when deciding to tuck in a dress shirt and display one's belt. The leather of your belt, watch, and the shoe is to to be in harmony ie Black - Black - Black, Brown - Brown - Brown, White - White - White.


Very few men go the extra mile or are the least bit interested in their appearance, even less, fashion. The men who break out of their shell and realize that women care about a well-groomed man, do so in good faith.

mens style tips


The mistake most men make is they follow the basic rules, wear simple colors, and avoid clothing pieces that are outside their comfort zone.​

If only you tried that green leather jacket, wore that pink shirt, or even that poncho, Women love colors and men who stand out. A man who expresses his uniqueness and personality through his style is truly an object of fascination.​

Your Are Your Own Fashion Brand

One of my men's casual fashion tips would be to draw inspiration from your inner personality -- Do you like to stand out from the crowd? or are you quietly confident? While your new found adventurous style should be outside your comfort zone, it should also be a reflection of your inner personality.

If you're confident and like to stand out from the crowd, wear attention-grabbing colors like a red peacoat, a purple tailored sports coat, or dress sharp with an iron pressed pink dress shirt.

An artist who has the habit of dressing in wrinkled T-shirts, and beat up old sneakers, can experiment with a paint splattered/ colorful dress shirt, a pair of comfortable black chukka boots, and a leather satchel for his art materials.

With an improved style comes improved confidence and a better overall mood. When you feel crisp and sharp, you become more a magnet for compliments and positive attention, and more importantly, you feel and are more attractive to women.

We're listening from you. ..

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