Irish Setter Upland Boot

irish setter upland boot

If you are an upland hunter then you have to make your hunting special with an upland hunting boot. Mainly you will need an upland hunting boot for the deer hunt.

Because deer comes in a certain place for food. To catch the deer you have to stay nearby tree stand for hours. So you need this boot. Again to catch birds you have to walk long miles on the rocky surface or sharp wood.

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For that this strong boot is very much required. Don’t think that an upland hunting boot is heavy and hard to walk with. This boot is light and very comfortable to wear. Because as you have to be on your feet for a long time. So comfort and the protective feature are must for a hunting boot.

This review is about Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 review. You will get all the information about this wonderful upland hunting boot.

Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 boot review

As you have guessed that you have to wear a special boot for hunting. This Irish setter boot will meet your need. There is no way you can go for hunting especially deer or bird hunt without this boot.

To help you to select the perfect boot here are some must follow consideration points:

  • Material:

You have to pick the boot that has long lasting, comfortable and light material. So you can guess material of the boot is really important. Go for a leather made boot as leather is waterproof and long-lasting. If you have a leather made boot than you can walk in water area easily without damaging your boot.

There is rubber made the boot that has a steel toe. This toe helps you to stay protected from any sharp objects and harmful bite. But one problem with the rubber boot that your feet will not feel comfortable to walk long walk. Instead, go for a rubber made sole.

You will also get some boots that are made of nylon. This material makes the boot light and breathable. But it is a big no for the cold environment. So try to avoid nylon made a material boot for hunting.

  • Waterproof:

As I said before waterproof is really important. When you are going deep in the jungle, it is obvious that you will have to go for a walk in the dew or damp area. So to keep your feet dry and healthy, your boot has to be waterproof and light. For the waterproof feature, the boot ensures breathability. This is good for your feet health.

  • Heel:

Get a hunting boot with a heel. This works as a protector if you are walking in the water. Also, you will feel comfortable when you are walking with the heel. Your ankle will be in shape and your walking will be in balance.

  • Size:

Size of the boot really matters. Because it let you walk comfortably. It is obvious that you don’t have to walk with a small or big boot. The Irish setter wingshooter boot is perfect for any size. So you can easily choose any one of them.

  • Soles and Lacing:

It is important to consider the sole when you are choosing a hunting boot. Because the sole both inside and outside makes your walk flexible and arch support.If you have to travel with gears that are heavy then you have to get a thick sole. And if you don’t have heavy gear then you can go for thin soles.

It is better to go for ankle high lace shoe. This design gives you technical support and you will be free to move in any place you want.

Irish Setter Men's 808 Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boot

For a professional or beginner deer or bird hunter, Irish setter men’s wingshooter boot is the best choice. This two hunting area is steep, damp and rocky. If you don’t have a proper hunting shoe in your foot then it will be a hard hunting experience for you.

Perhaps you may quit before even reaching that place. This boot is just perfect for any surface. The leather of the boot is made from a brand that is well known. This boot will stay free from scratch and tear. Also, the leather is 100% waterproof.

You can go to any place easily with this boot on. It is highly recommended for all hunters.


  • Sturdy and water-resistant Leather.
  • The sole is rubber made.
  • You will find the toe is the moccasin toe. The specialty of this toe is contrast stitched. This boot has lace in the upper part.
  • The foot-bed is Polyurethane and it is Changeable. It is awesomely soft and strong graspable.
  • The boot body is waterproof and extreme dry.
  • This boot has light and plain sole.

Things We Liked:

  • Waterproof is the special feature of this boot;
  • The nylon material absorbs humidity;
  • The leather is waterproof and grain;
  • You will find the sole disperse body weight;
  • Perfect for any feet size;

Things We Didn't Like:

  • As the boot has no insulation then this boot is not for the cold environment;
  • It is not a perfect waterproof boot;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question_01: Is Irish setter wingshooter insulated?

Answer: No, it is not.

Question_02: Is there Irish setter wingshooter steel toe?

Answer: No, it has no steel toe.

Final Thought:

To hunt in the upland area you have to wear a designed hunting boot. The hunting area is not a plain and easy surface. You cannot walk straight with a normal boot. So you have to wear an upland hunting boot. Hunting is an adventurous activity and it is not an easy one.

So for making your hunting easy and perfect, you have to get all the perfect equipment and gears. Among all of them, the most important thing is hunting boot. So get a perfect hunting boot, get through this Irish Setter Men's Wingshooter 808 review.

This review will help you to get the best hunting boot that will make your hunting enjoyable and memorable. So get the best upland hunting boot for your hunting and enjoy every moment.

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