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How to Cook Eggs: 19 Easy Ways To Cook

How to Cook Eggs

Last Updated April 17, 2018

Protein, an essential element of our body. Many foods meet the need of protein.

But the egg is the one that helps to meet the demand quick and easy. You can get boiled eggs or poached egg usually, but here I will give some more unique ways to on how to cook eggs. 

You will know how to cook eggs over easy ideas from here.

Egg recipes for breakfast

Eggs you can tell full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is the affordable and healthy choice for any meal like breakfast or snack. Let’s see some quick breakfast recipe with eggs. Trust me they are tasty and nutritious.

  • How to cook eggs sunny side up

    This process is easy and fast. This egg also looks beautiful in this way. You don’t have to flip it to cook the yolk. Keep the heat in a medium to cook the whites.


  1. 1 tablespoon unsalted butter;
  2. Large eggs;
  3. Salt;
  4. Black pepper;


  • Take a nonstick pan and heat the butter over medium heat;
  • Wait till the butter is foaming in heat;
  • Then take an egg and break it in the butter;
  • Add salt and cook the egg until the whites are cooked;
  • Serve it on a plate;

How to cook fried eggs


This is for them who doesn’t like runny whites of the egg. You have to flip the egg carefully upside down and cook it for 5-10 seconds.


  1. Butter 1 tablespoon;
  2. Large egg;
  3. Salt;
  4. Black pepper;


  • Heat the butter in a nonstick pan. Heat it over medium heat until it is foaming;
  • Break the egg and cook it till the white are on the top and yolk is runny;
  • Than flip the egg and add salt and pepper. Cook it for 5-10 seconds;
  • Then take the egg to a plate;

How to cook scrambled eggs


If you want to have a soft and creamy dish than cook this scrambled egg recipe. Yes, you have to work with heat to make this recipe perfect. You can have them with toasts and on the caviar.


  1. Large eggs beaten;
  2. Salt;
  3. Milk (optional);
  4. Butter;
  5. Pepper;


  • Take a small bowl and mix the egg with milk and salt (if you use milk). Mix it well until the egg whites are complete gets mixed;
  • Then pour the mixture into the pan with butter;
  • Cook it over medium heat. Stir the egg until the egg reaches moist;
  • Remove the pan from the heat but don’t stop stirring. Keep stirring until the egg looks like a mixture of soft curd. You can use heat if you need to cook the egg more;
  • Now serve it with pepper on it;

How to poach eggs


This type of egg is favorite, and all love this way. You can have it with toast, muffin, and sauteed vegetables. This egg can be cook with oil, butter, and water.

Here I will give the process of how to poach an egg in the wate​r.


  1. Eggs;
  2. Water;


  • Take pot water and heat it in 180 – 190 degree Fahrenheit;
  • Take an egg and tip in the boiling water. Wait for 10 seconds. You will see your egg is setting up;
  • Lift the egg from the pot carefully, and it is ready to eat in any way you want;

How to get soft boiled eggs


Those who don’t like a hard yolk, they go for a soft boiled egg. This egg recipe is considered as an old fashion style. To have this egg, you have to maintain the time.


  • Pot is full of 3 quarter water;
  • Eggs per your requirement;


  1. Get a medium-size pot and boil the water;
  2. Gently put the egg in the water with a spoon or a strainer;
  3. Then let the egg cook for 6 minutes. Then you can take the egg and have it;

How to get hard-boiled eggs


A boiled egg is a typical diet for all. Not all can make a perfect hard-boiled egg. Let me share the method to get a complete hard-boiled egg.


  • Pan full of water;
  • Eggs (per your requirement);


  • Fill the saucepan with water. Put the eggs in the pot and cover it with water;
  • Turn on the heat high and make the water boil;
  • Add vinegar in the water. It keeps the egg intact;
  • After boiling for 10-12 minutes, turn off the heat. Let the pan cool for 10 minutes;
  • Then add cold water to the pan to stop the egg to be overcooked;

Till I was talking about cooking eggs on stoves. In a modern kitchen, we all have a microwave. Do you know you can have microwave eggs easily? Yes, let me share some recipes with you: 

How to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave


As we all love this scrambled egg, you can have it in a fast way when you use a microwave. All you have to do is take: 

  • Eggs (as much you need);
  • Milk per requirement;
  • Salt and black pepper;

Mix all the ingredients well with a beat in a small bowl. Then put the mixture in the high heat for 45 seconds.

Yes, your egg scramble is ready. You can also make microwave scrambled eggs in a mug. Use the mug instead of the bowl. You can add cheese, pepper, and salt in it.

You can have microwave scrambled eggs with cheese or not; it is up to you. Some like cheese and some hate it. And one thing, you can have scrambled eggs in a microwave without milk. To mix milk is not mandatory.

How to cook microwave boiled eggs


You can use a microwave to have a boiled egg.

You can have it in few minutes. When you use the microwave to boil the egg, you will not have the boiled egg regular like but a different one.

But if you have no problem with the various boiled egg, then you can go for a microwave cooked egg. You can use this egg with any dishes.

Cooking an egg in the microwave saves a lot of time, but it is better to cook eggs without a shell. It is for the safety. They will have a weird look, but the taste is same.

You can also use the boiling poach technique. The technique takes the cracked egg in a dish that is microwave safe, remember to fill the plate with boiling water. You have to cook it for one minute.

Then you can move it with a spoon easily.
Sometimes you may face problem to boil eggs in a microwave. There are some cases of an explosion while boiling eggs.

So if you like it in any way, then try to cook a naked egg.

Take egg without a shell.

Take one egg, crack it and take the egg in a microwave proof coated spray dish.

Remember to use a toothpick to puncture the yolk for 2 to 3 times. Then cook the egg for 45-50 seconds.

Then check the egg and continue cooking for more 15 seconds. Cook it till the yolk gets hard enough or the way you like it. Don't heat up the egg.

Microwave hard-boiled Egg Cookers


As there is a possibility of an accident, in the market you will find different kinds of unique cookers that you can use in the market.

They are safe to use. They are a container like. You have to crack the egg in it, and they protect the egg from getting splattering in the microwave.

You can quickly flip the egg during the cooking process. But don’t leave any eggshell in the microwave because they are responsible for making an accident.

The microwave explosion mainly happens when you are cooking hard-boiled eggs.

It may explode in the microwave or in the time when you are going to eat it.

It happens mostly because the liquid of the egg gets heated with high temperature, the stem cell gets build up, and it can’t go anywhere for the shell.

For this, the explosion happens. This hard boil eggs in microwave terrible for you. To avoid it, go for naked egg boil.

The healthiest way to cook eggs

Among all the nutritious food eggs are the cheap and extremely healthy food.

This egg has less calorie but full of nutrients, fat, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

So there is a sure technique and way to keep the nutrient intact while cooking the egg. Let me share some ideas to keep the nutrition properly after cooking.

Eggs are tasty and can be cooked in versatile ways. You can combine it with any ingredients. When you prepare an egg, it helps to destroy bacteria easily. You can eat it safely.

The healthy ways of cooking

  • Boiled:
    With eggshell, you can cook the egg for 6-10 minutes and make it a hard-boiled egg. You can prepare the egg per your preference. The more you boil, the harder the yolk will get.

  • Poached:
    You can have poached eggs by cooking in cold water. Make the water boiling heat point 160–180°F. You have to wait for 2-3 minutes.

  • Fried:
    With oil or butter, you can have a fried egg. You can have sunny side up or cook an egg on both sides.

  • Baked:
    This item can be made in a hot oven with an even bottomed dish; you have to wait until the egg is set.

  • Scrambled:
    To have scrambled egg, you will have to take the eggs in a bowl and beat it. Then pour it into a hot pan, and you have to stir it until it is scrambled.

  • Omelet:
    Beat eggs then pour it into a hot pan. You can simmer it over low heat. When it is strong, then your omelet is ready. You will not have to stir it in the pan.

  • Microwaved:
    You can use a microwave to cook eggs, but it is not safe and healthy. Because of the buildup pressure, it causes an explosion

As you can see you can cook eggs in different ways. The protein in the egg gets easy to digest for cooking.

The research says that people get 91% protein from cooking eggs than raw eggs.

The heat makes the change in the protein structure. This helps to digest the protein easily. In a raw egg, the protein structure stays in a complex structure.

When this protein goes in the heat, the bond gets weak and keep them in shape.

Then they make a healthy relationship with all the proteins around. The new bonds make the egg easy to digest. The change is visible in the yolk that gets firm from rubbery.

Eggs are full of biotin. This biotin is useful for sugar and fat metabolism.

You may also know it as vitamin H or vitamin B7. The raw egg protein interferes the micronutrient biotin. The binding of the raw egg which is avidin makes the biotin not usable for a human body.

When the egg is cooked, the avidin gets changed in structurally.

So it can’t bind the biotin, so the human body gets absorbed. It is clear that cooking eggs make the egg protein digestible. For this biotin receives use of a human body.

But high-heat Food preparation damages other nutrients.

Cooking eggs on high heat can make different nutrients digestible, but other nutrients get damaged.

It is not rare. Heat often reduces and decreases some nutrition part. Usually, this happens when you cook in overheat.

Like heat reduces vitamin A, antioxidants in the egg.

With boiling, using a microwave and frying eggs minimizes the antioxidant by 18%. But if you cook in short time, the nutrient remains same.

But there are not so many worries about it, because an egg is very rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

There is another advantage of cooking in high heat. It oxidizes the Cholesterol of the egg. We all know the yolk is very rich in cholesterol.

With the high temperature, the cholesterol comes in a limited level that is not harmful to health. But in different research, you will not find any link that egg cholesterol is bad for heart health.

Tips to cook healthy egg​​​​s

Eggs are healthy, but you can make them healthier. Here are tips to prepare healthy eggs:

  1.  Pick a low-calorie food preparation method for egg cooking. If you want to cut calories than go for boiled or poached eggs. You don’t have to add extra fat while cooking. This will be low-calorie meal than an omelet, scrambled eggs, and fried egg;

  2. Mix them with vegetables. It goes well together. Eggs with veggies make the meal tasty and healthy. It helps you to take herb regularly, and your health will be better than before. Follow some rules and make a different recipe with egg;

  3. Fry egg in oil at high temperatures. This keeps the temperature stable and keeps the oxidize safe and useful. Using butter and olive oil is the best practice. Eggs with this oil are healthy;

  4. Choose eggs with the most nutritious elements. The most nutritious eggs are those which comes from a farm. They grow up in right hand. Eggs are handled with pasture-raised way. Everyone thought that it is the healthiest egg;

  5. Don’t Overdo egg. The longtime you take to cook an egg, the nutrition gets lost. The oxidizing of cholesterol also receive an increase if you give overheat. So try to avoid it;

Can you have an egg when you are in weight loss programme?

Well, obviously yes. This little thing is full of protein, micronutrient, and biotin. But there are some bit rules you have to follow. When you have to use the butter oil, take a small pinch of it as calories count in weight loss journey. Take egg with runny yolk as it will work as a fat cutter.

Reasons to eat eggs


We human all are not same. We have different body structures and altered metabolism. But the egg is the one that is fit for all body. Read the reasons that why everyone has to keep the egg in their daily diet:

  • Low calorie:
    There is no meal like this as it is the smallest calorie meal. The egg has 70 calories;

  • Protein:
    The protein of the egg keeps you energetic and full for the whole day. The all 9 amino acids are there in the egg. This helps to repair the muscle;

  • Good for cholesterol:
    The egg is good for HDL cholesterol. Anyone can enjoy egg with no risk;

  • Tasty:
    Eggs are full of flavor, and you can enjoy the proteins in various ways;

  • Energetic:
    To be active for a full day, eat a whole egg. The yolk is the powerhouse of energy, and it is full of Vitamin B6, B12, folate, zinc, iron, calcium, K, E, D, and A;

  • Weight loss:
    Vitamin B12 makes the fat to be metabolized soon. If you see a weight loos chart, there is an egg on the menu. You will feel less hungry if you have an egg;

  • Good for eyes:
    The egg yolk has zeaxanthin and lutein pigments that are good for healthy eyes;

  • Sugar-free:
    The egg is entirely sugar-free;

The advantage and disadvantages of eggs

Though egg has a high quantity of cholesterol, it is good for health.

You will be safe from heart risk if you have eggs daily. An egg has 210 mg cholesterol, 5g fat. All these are found in the egg yolks.

Also, you will get omega-3 fatty acid which is very good for health. So there is no risk of having a heart problem.

The nutrients in the egg are very rich in the egg. If you have one egg daily, you will be energetic for the whole day.

Some egg contains the bacteria salmonella. It causes diarrhea and fever. You can stop the growth of salmonella by storing the eggs in the fridge. You have to cook the egg well to kill these bacteria.

Here was the story of egg and the ways of cooking it. Though it may sound weird to ask how to cook eggs, it is essential to know.

Because it requires proper heat and an appropriate way to cook eggs to keep the nutrient intact. It overheat kills the nutrient in the egg.

Hope you will get full information about an egg, egg recipe and the ways of cooking. Follow them and have a tasty and healthy dish to start the day with energy.

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