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15 Great Lessons You Can Learn From How Should Boots Fit

how should boots fit

Boots protects your feet and supports you. Boots must be a perfect fit to the feet because if it is tight, your foot may hurt if it is loose you may find hard in walking around. An unfit boot gives discomfort and pain in ankles.Normally leather boots are soft and easy to wear.


Many people feel discomfort in their new boots and few may not fit your feet at all. Sole, upper part, Brogueing, open lacing, Insole, Heel, Laces are the parts of boots in which all must fit properly and make the comfortable boot. So, every boot must fit right. 



Here are points to check whether or not a boot fits for you:

  • Size: Size is the main aspect that shows whether the boot is right fit or not. The average size of men's foot is 7-11 inches. Choosing a boot with the exact size is very important. Measure your foot correctly and shop exactly the same size. Make sure the boot have about 1/8th of an inch of wiggle room at the back of the shoe to protect the heel from bristles and discomfort. In the front of the boot should have half inch place for your toes to breath happily if it is too tight you may feel pain in your toes;
  • Weight: Weight also determines the way the boot fits. If the weight is more, you will definitely feel pressure while walking. It also causes pain in your feet. So always choose light weight boots;
  • Features: Some of the boots are designed with the automatic fit feature. These type of boots are flexible and can fit easily. Also, check for these features in the boots: -Adequate boot length: Measure your boot and get same length boot-Adequate room in the toe area: Toe area must have half inch space to provide free are for toes;
  • Proper width for the forefoot: Check for this feature and make sure it has enough width.-Snug fit in the heel and the ankle area: It provides a good fit to your feet and holds your feet closely;
  • Socks: Also, try your boots by wearing socks. If not, after wearing socks the boot may not fit correctly. Leave enough space for socks;
  • Forward lean adjustment: Before lacing the boot, push your foot forward once. If you feel it tight, it is not a good fit. Make sure it has enough space for your foot. Without checking the front place you may face trouble later;
  • One finger technique: Keep your finger behind the heel to check boot is not too small. This is an important aspect to check because if it is too small foot may face discomfort and pain. This technique also helps you to check the extra space in the boot. One finger should fit easily all around the boot;
  • Kick a wall: Kick a wall and see how it feels. If it cramps, the boot is tight and not good for the foot. After wearing the boots, do some exercises like bending ankles, twisting legs, moving toes if you feel uneasy at any point change the boot;
  • Narrow or wider feet: If you have narrow feet you may need to go down the half of the size. If you have a wider foot you may need to go up half of the size. The shape of your feet increases or decreases the size as it affects the dimensions of the boots;
  • Wiggle the leg: Wiggle your toes, legs to make sure it has enough place to walk. Your toes must not touch the end part of the boot. This technique helps you to know how comfortable the foot is in your boot;
  • Lace up and walk around: Lace up and stand. Walk around slowly and increase speed. You should not feel any pain in your foot. If you notice any pain near few foot points never goes for it;
  • Pressure points: If you feel any pressure points adjust the boot quickly. f you still feel the pressure change the boot. Mainly in Heel area, if you feel pressure there the boot may not fit for you;
  • Heel: The heel is the important feature of the boot. When you wear the boot, the heel should fit properly and distribute your weight uniformly otherwise you may slip during the walk;

Check all these factors and if your boot passes all these it will be the best fit for you. Enjoy your best boot with the best fit.

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