Circulon Premier Professional Reviews

circulon premier professional reviews

Have you heard about CIRCULON? If your answer is yes, you are surely aware of the popular cookware set of the creator of hard-anodize nonstick cookware. If you read Circulon Premier Professional reviews carefully, you can easily make out that the Hard Anodized cookware set of this company is the most trusted and high-ranked cookware products. 


Since it started its operation in 1985, the company is creating a revolution by introducing the first hard-anodized nonstick cookware in the world. This is the favourite cookware brand for chefs and gourmets around the world.

While manufacturing their cookware products, Circulon uses a unique combination of heat distribution properties. Thus the hard anodized cookware products of the company are remarkably durable and provide the most advanced nonstick coating from DuPont. As a recognition for the innovative products of Circulon, the unique technology of the company gains patent from the US govt.

The cookware products of Circulon are the most popular, extremely durable, and inimitable. The Circulon Premier Professional cookware set is hard-anodized with the bronze exterior. The set has stainless steel base. The bronze colour is really eye catching. Thus, the colour will surely match the interiors of any kitchen. This is the best way to upgrade the cooking experience of all people.

Features of Circulon Premier Professional Cookware Set

The cookware set of Circulon is compacted with all of the basic and occasional used pieces. They are assembled to fulfil all your specific needs and criteria.

Basically, it is a combination of all in one. The company used the best raw materials for manufacturing these products. Thus, they are the best design and best non-stick cookware. You will get a clear idea regarding the ultimate features of Circulon Premier Professional from here.

Hard Anodized Aluminum

As mentioned earlier, the Circulon Premier Professional cookware set is manufactured by using hard-anodized aluminium. The pans and pots of this cookware set are coated with electrochemically-hardened aluminium layer.

Thus, it becomes hard to anodize aluminium. As they are perfectly hard anodized, they have some specialities over stainless steel cookware and the rests:

  • It heats up quickly and very fast. So it can spread heat on the surface of cookware evenly;
  • ​Hard-anodized aluminium is more durable than non-anodized ones because of the material properties;
  • It can prevent from producing hot spots, which may burn your food;
  • Very less energy is needed for preparing food. Thus you can shorten the cooking time;

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Non-stick coating

Total food release system is the other peculiar feature of Circulon Premier Professional cookware set. The company used a Hi-Low technology for the manufacturing of this cookware set. Basically, this technology grooves pattern on the cooking surface.

Highly advanced non-stick coating from DuPont is the other peculiar feature of this cookware. Circulon Premier Professional cookware has a reinforced coating.

The 3 layered coating enables you to use very less butter and oil while cooking. Thus, you can prepare healthy as well as very tasty meals. The exterior of this cookware set is also non-stick, which allows you to clean it very easily. It is a really impressive feature, right?

Soft Grip Handles

The handles of this cookware set are made of stainless steel and silicone. They are also double riveted for providing you extra strength.

The silicone handles offer you very soft grip. Thus, you will get more balance while cooking. It is also safe for the oven because they can resist heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aesthetic Design and Colour

The bronze exterior is the most important feature of this cookware set. The eye-catching bright bronze perfectly matches with your kitchen interior. At first, the Circulon Premier Professional cookware set enchants your eyes. Later, you will realise the easiness of cooking while using this cookware.

Tempered Glass Lids

The Circulon Premier Professional cookware set comes with 5 tempered glass lids. The stainless steel rims and top-quality, shatter-resistant tempered glass make this cookware set most elegant. These lids allow you to monitor the cooking process very easily without losing moisture and heat.

Things We Liked:

  • Circulon Premier Professional is the first hard-anodized cookware set;
  • It consists of exceptional groove pattern on cooking surface;
  • Highly attractive look;
  • Good range of size of pans and pots, which is ideal for wide range of needs;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Perfect for all types of stovetops and induction;
  • Tapered rims allow drip-free pouring;
  • Easy straining colander lids;
  • Splatter-free cooking shields;
  • Splatter-free cooking shields;
  • Heat distributes evenly;
  • Handles are double riveted;
  • A set contains 13 pieces;

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Heavier;
  • Not include spoons;
  • Lids are competitively heavier;
  • Water gets trapped inside;
  • Individual pieces are not available;

Why Should You Buy Circulon Premier Professional Cookware set?

Artistic groove design and topmost performance are the peculiarities of this cookware set. It has the ability to spread heat evenly on the surface. The heating process is also very fast. It is efficient for preventing hot spots, which may burn your food.

Superior food release system is the other amazing feature of this cookware set. Smooth, non-porous surface can prevent stains and food oil from being absorbed. Thus, you can keep the surface of this cookware clean always.

​This cookware set contains 4pots and 3 skillets of different sizes. You can use them for multi-tasking such as making sauces or sautéing. The set contains a large stock pot, which can accommodate around 6 quarts liquid. It can resist scratching and it is incredibly durable. The exterior colour of this cookware set is really stylish, thus it makes a bold statement.

​Other Benefits of Using Circulon Premier Professional Cookware

  • ​Non-stick, durable decorations on inside, outside and on both sides;
  • Handles are double riveted;
  • Heats up very fast;
  • Groove pattern on surface;
  • Metal utensil can be used;
  • Simple and easy to clean;
  • No need to rub hard;
  • Oven safe;

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Replacement: A Good Idea

​Circulon Premier Professional can be the best replacement for your old ones. Advanced technology and high-quality material are used for making this cookware set. The design and performance of Circulon Premier Professional are simply amazing.

​It is always better to replace your old cookware with new ones if they are stained, rusted, roughly scratched, or damaged beyond repair. You must replace your old cookware if any material comes out of the surface of the pan and ends up in your food. Non-stick pans may flake off over time. You should replace your stainless steel cookware if the material like copper can be seen while cooking or washing.

​The non-stick surface of cookware will be damaged due to a long time of use. It may also create hot spots, which can cause burned your food, which is the clear indication of replacement of cookware. It is not safe to use a pan with damaged handle. It will lead to lots of accidents while cooking or shifting cooked foods from pans to plate.

Final Decisions:

Circulon Premier Professional is very stylish and artistic bronze cookware set. Thus, they can surely increase the elegance of your kitchen. Your heart will be filled with full of satisfaction once you start using this cookware set. Thus, a smile is guaranteed with Circulon Premier Professional cookware.

The non-stick surface will not absorb oils or any food scraps. Cleaning this cookware is super easy. It is also dishwasher safe. This premium quality, non-stick, durable cookware set is enough for surprising your family and guests because it offers the best low-oil cooking performance.

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